Make the change

With my direction, guidance and support – learn how to take a smarter approach to your fitness, optimise your time, boost your energy and get the best results possible.
My coaching strategy is about more than just telling you to move more and eat less…we work together to change your behaviour, tune your mindset and to give you a better life.
After an initial vision call, together we make a plan based around improving various aspects of your life such as your nutrition, movement, mindset and recovery.⁠
Are you anxious about where to begin or have you hit a plateau?
Is your energy constantly low?
Are you forever falling off your diet at weekends?⁠
⁠Are you always questioning if you’re doing the right thing or not?⁠
⁠Do you need to make a change, learn about yourself and have more accountability?⁠
My job is to take away the headache of not knowing, to educate you around making better choices and to hold a torch up so you can see where to go – allowing you to boss other aspects of your life.⁠

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

“Mark was very thorough and not only showed me the exercises but also took time to explain how the anatomy works and what/why each exercise/movement did.  With Mark, we went through things at a reasonable, achievable, sensible pace that suited me. I used to dread exercise but now I actually look forward to coming to the gym.”

Carrie Farren-Hines

PT Client

“Mark pushes you and makes you want to go to the gym and feel excited about your next session. He encourages you to push outside of your comfort zone and get real results.  He’s always supportive and flexible to fit around last minute changes with my schedule. Would highly recommend!”

Emma Powell

Pairs PT Client

“I think the best thing about Mark is that we always have such a laugh on our sessions that I now feel motivated to go! I look forward to the sessions each week and get definitely see improvement from when I first started out.  He has introduced me to a new love for lifting and reaching a personal best is a great feeling!”

Maisy Baker

Ladies Group PT Client

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