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Our mission is to provide an empowering, inclusive and holistic service to support your workforce’s physical health, mental well-being and overall productivity.

Workplace well-being is super important to us, which is why we cater for all sizes of companies – whether it is a SME or a global organisation!


Why is looking after your employee’s well-being important for businesses?

Almost 50% of corporate healthcare costs are lifestyle related and preventable.  

Back pain is the largest single reported cause of absence from work each year and on average costs £200 for every employee in sickness absence costs each year. 

30 million sick days were lost in the UK last year due to musculoskeletal conditions whilst 15 million sick days were lost last year due to stress, anxiety and depression.

Medical costs fall by about £3.27 for every pound spent on wellness programmes and absenteeism costs fall by about £2.73 for every pound spent.


How do we improve overall well-being? We’ve come up with a three-pillar approach.

For the nutrition aspect we will deliver easy-to-follow custom Recipe Books, host Nutrition Talks and provide your workforce with a Guide To Calories E-book – explaining the basics of nutrition in a simple way.

To get your workforce moving we will host a trio of Workouts that are suitable for all abilities, scaled with regressions/progressions and most importantly enjoyable.

To improve how you think and feel, we will deliver Yoga sessions, guided Meditations and Wellness Talks, including topics such as mindfulness, self-care and mind-set.

our packages

We are currently running two packages.

The 1 WEEK PACKAGE includes…

1 Yoga session, 1 Meditation1 Burn, 1 Build, 1 Flex, 1 Wellness Talk, 1 Nutrition Talk and 1 LIVE Q&A

The 1 DAY PACKAGE includes

1 Talk, 1 Workout, 1 LIVE Q&A and 1 Yoga & Meditation Session.

We can schedule the sessions so that people can complete them at a specific time to add a layer of accountability and they will also be recorded so they can be completed at a more convenient time.

This example timetable has timings that fit around conventional working hours.


Access to a huge library of recipes with hundreds of healthy meal and snack ideas

✔ The MB Coaching Guide To Calories E-Book. All you need to know about nutrition.

✔ Exclusive discounts up to 15% with various online retailers. 

go above and beyond

healthy staff.
  happy staff.


By providing this package to your employees you will be taking leadership to the next level, investing in your workforce and creating value for both staff and the business.

Encouraging staff to be the best version of themselves and maintaining connections with employees will highlight that you care about their health and well-being.

If you feel that your employees would benefit from this package or you want to find out more information then book in for a chat using the button below!

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